Home News Court issues warrant of arrest against Enugu LG admin for assaulting councilor 

Court issues warrant of arrest against Enugu LG admin for assaulting councilor 

An Enugu magistrate court has issued a warrant of arrest against the serving Sole administrator of Oji River Central Development Centre, Achi, Hon. Ugonna Ikechukwu Agba for assaulting a former councilor during last weekend’s PDP ward Congress.
Hon. Agba was reportedly issued an arraignment notice but refused to show up in court Friday (14/9/18) having been granted police bail after his initial arrest.
The Development Centre administrator was said to have attacked and assaulted one Hon. Chukwukamjinakam Omere, a former councilor while he was making his contribution during the ward party congress last weekend.
Confirming the incident the Achi Uno ward 2 (Amankpunato Achi Autonomous Community) Ward chairman Hon. Emeka Nnaedozie narrated that the former councillor was speaking on a particular issue when the administrator walked up to him and slapped him.
Said he; “The entire ward was angry and they scolded and shouted at Hon, Ugo Agba for such a reckless act. We have also gone to the police when we were called upon to testify. Even the police blamed the administrator for such a behavior.”
Also reacting the ward secretary Uche Ilo recalled that the former councilor was speaking when the administrator Ugonna Agba stood up to interrupt and shout him down.
“The people protested and asked him to allow the young man to speak but he walked to where he was standing and slapped him. His action stunned everybody and there was commotion but eventually the councillor was calmed down.”
Our sources confirmed that Hon. Agba was consequently arrested by the police in Oji River and later granted bail. He was also said to have been served an arraignment notice for Friday but he failed to show up in court.
When contacted the Development Centre Administrator Hon. Agba denied being served any arraignment notice.
He denied assaulting the complainant claiming that it was rather the councillor that came to attack him and both of them started fighting.
Hear him; ” I went to the IPO with police from the State Police Headquarters; the police met with the IPO inside the station and the case had not gone to court.
“I was talking and the former councillor came and pushed me, and we started fighting. You know politics now?”

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