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Govt explains on-going impounding of vehicles in Enugu

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Transport Mr. Ogbonna Idike has explained that the on going impounding of vehicles in the Enugu Capital is a deliberate effort to decongest traffic in the city.
Speaking to Everyday News reporter in Enugu Idike disclosed that a Joint Taskforce  comprising the police, Civil Defence, Federal Road Safety and Ministry of Transport was set up for the purpose.
Said he; “this is to ensure that all the flashpoint where we experience strong traffic congestion are cleared. We went round to create awareness, pleaded with traders, drivers, both commercial and private that they should leave our roads.
“In Enugu we have bus stops, you can’t pick passengers anyhow. We have areas where you can do your trading you can’t continue to do trading along our roads. People are dying as a result and it is slowing down the economic growth of the state.
People are happy that we have intervened and we are going to continue until these traffic congestion is cleared.
“We have impounded all the vehicles and by the time the court sitting is over we will start releasing the vehicles.
“What we have done is that we allow the offenders to be tried in court because we have a mobile court here. We want them to understand that it is unlawful for you to occupy the road and claim it is a mechanic workshop.
“We want people to understand the need to maintain a very safe environment. We have not collected any dime from any of them until the court rules.”
The permanent secretary noted that for sometime Enugu roads have been taken over by mechanics, traders.
“If you go through Holy Ghost you see someone spending over 30 minutes to pass through the place. If you go through Abakpa market, you are going to experience the same thing. The same goes for Eke Obinagu in Emene, Mayor and other areas.
“On several occasions we have written, we have had several meetings with all stakeholders-the traders, the businessmen, mechanics, pleading with them to vacate our roads.”
He observed that in most states people experience traffic congestion because they don’t have good roads but in Enugu the governor Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi have been able to asphalt all the roads within the state so we can’t be talking of congestion.
“Any congestion therefore is man made and the ministry cannot sit down and allow this congestion to continue. Because it’s affecting the safety, economic activities, we want people to have that free movement, we want people to continue to do their business but that must be done within the am its of the law.

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