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Igwe elect to restore peace…as Gov rejects unpopular candidate


Attempts by the Oji-River Local Government Chairman Harrison Okeke to impose Mr. Victor Meniru on troubled Egwu-Achi community has failed as governor Ugwuanyi out rightly rejected him.
The governor told thousands of villagers who stormed Enugu Government House to protest the imposition, that the trip by the Council Chairman was a failed one as he reused to recognize the kangaroo arrangement.
He called on the people to close ranks and seek genuine reconciliation and peace.
Speaking to newsmen shortly after their interaction with Ugwuanyi, Igwe-elect Donald Chukwuchebe, noted that peace is very important, vital and crucial for, growth and development of the community.
“Without peace the community is in shambles. The option for peace as Igwe elect is not negotiable. Any person that will be elected traditional ruler of a community should be sound mentally, dynamic in order to articulate people’s opinion and suggestions.
“He should be able to carry people along. He should be able to work with government policies and programmes “Moreover, carrying people along must be cardinal because the power belongs to the people. He must carry people along, going through government policies and upholding the constitution of the community.
“To make peace reign in my community, I must carry everybody along. I will serve them not to be an overlord. I must follow the principles of democracy which is the government of the people by the people and for the people.
“So every person is important and every person must be involved for the development of the community. To bring peace in the community, we will involve everybody.”
Igwe Donald Chukwuchebe promised to restore peace and harmony to the community as a foundation for development.
“I am not going to lead as a despot but as a servant to make my people happy because peace is important for community development.”


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