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MKO: Don’t blame IBB for June 12 annulment-Prophet Nwoko


By Our reporter


Enugu based Prophet Anthony Nwoko, has said that it was not the former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida

Prophet Nwoko

that annulled the June 12, 1993 president election adjudged to have been won by Chief M.K.O Abiola, but divine intervention.
Addressing a press conference in Enugu Tuesday, Nwoko said that it was God that stopped Abiola because Abiola was not the Messiah, the Light that would have ruled Nigeria.
The prophet who said that he, Nwoko, is the ordained president that would bring peace and progress to Nigeria, said that he warned IBB not to conduct the presidential election but to recognise him as the president, but he would not listen.
He said that this time around, he is no longer interested in becoming Nigeria’s president but the president of the new Biafra that would soon come.
He however declared that nobody, not even President Buhari would stop him this time from taking over the government of Biafra.
“One million, Buhari cannot stop Prophet Nwoko.  I have what it takes to stop all the politicians.  I have told Buhari several times that he should let my people, “Biafra”, go. ” Whether the world likes it or not, Biafra will be installed.  There is a light from the East.  I am that light and I made sure that Babangida left Aso Rock. Nobody can change the will of God.  Buhari is wasting his time. If they don’t allow the will of God, I’ll stop Nigeria and Biafra,” he said.
The prophet said that Nigeria is an  accursed country because it refused the glory of God to shine from Biafra as planned by God.
Speaking with much emotion, Nwoko said that he has never married and that for 47 years, he has not gone to his country home, Umuahia, Abia State until he achieved his divine government.
He advised Biafra agitators to sheath their sword saying that they have wasted a lot of Biafra blood over the struggle to no avail, pointing out that they cannot get Biafra through such agitation.
He also said that politicians should not waste their time because 2019 is already annulled.
“Buhari should go and rest; he is destroying this country.  2019 has been annulled,” he declared.
Nwoko said that this might be the last warning message he would be giving to Nigerians, saying that he was too big to go to Abuja to see Buhari.

“Any message I pass through the press, I have given it to Buhari.  He is too small for me to bow down to. ” I am sending this message for the last warning.  They should allow Prophet Nwoko to liberate Biafra or Nigeria will be doomed.”



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