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Nsukka residents hail defections…say it’s the beauty of democracy


By: Chiadikobi Ozor
The recent defections at the National Assembly have been described as the beauty of.democracy and an action that has restored the confidence of the masses that all is well with governance of the country.
Residents of the university town of Nsukka in separate interviews with Everyday News described what has happened as a practical demonstration of the freedom of association, religion as enshrined in our Constitution no matter who is at the helm of affairs.
The members defected as a matter of necessity because  they feel their interest was no longer protected in. APC.
Prof Aloysius Okolie, of the Department of Political Science University of Nigeria Nsukka, said what happened on Tuesday was not a surprise given the fact that the law-makers and other aggressive members have complained much of neglect and ill-treatment by APC
“From every indication it appears the party turned deaf ears to their grievances  and complaints which resulted in their decision to leave APC.
“The defection of 15 senators and 33 house of representatives members shows that all is not well in the party.
“If APC were proactive it would have  fast  reconciled with the aggrieved members to avert the dangers of other members joining the league of defection of APC to PDP which is a serious threat to 2019 general elections for APC in the country.
Okolie  former head of the department , condemned the siege by security agencies in Abuja residence  of Senate President Sen Bukola  Saraki and Deputy Senate President Sen Ike Ekweremadu describing it as undemocratic and infringement on their fundamental human rights.
“The actions of security agencies in the residence of Saraki and Ekweremadu are infringements on their fundamental human rights, undemocratic and inhuman which should not be allowed to repeat in this country,” he said.
Mrs Ifeoma Aleke, Lawyer and human right activist said the defection of national assembly members to PDP shows that democracy was gaining ground in the country since there are no permanent friends but permanent interest.
“What happened on Tuesday also happened in 2014 when many national assembly members from PDP joined APC.
“In politics there is always alignment and re-alignment.
“APC should do something serious to stop more members from leaving the party else what happened In 2015 in which the ruling party lost presidential election may repeat on 2019, ” she said.
Mr Cletus Ezema a civil servant said the problem with politicians is that some of them have no political ideology but believe much on what th!would get in return .
“If you investigate you will find out that their defection to PDP is not because they are fighting for public interest but for their own personal interests.
“Some are aggrieved because the candidates presented in ward,  LG, state and national congress failed to win.
“Until politicians start putting the interest of citizens first and stick to their party Ideology there will continue to be defections and crisis in political parties in the country, ”  he said.



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