Home News Total compliance as IPOB shutdown Aba

Total compliance as IPOB shutdown Aba

Following the sit-at-home order given by the indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in remberance of the fallen heroes of the Biafra VS Nigeria civil war, Aba, the commercial hub of South East Nigeria was completely shutdown on Thursday.
Everyday News monitored proceedings and reports that many residents sat at home as they did not venture out for their normal businesses.
Few person found at bus stops like Bata, Samek, Number-1 etc. were left stranded as they could not find vehicles to move with.
Most of the tricycle operators who spoke to our reporter said they were going home because there are no persons on the road to convey.
Everyday News reports that school children were all at home as their schools were all deserted with no teachers on sight.
All the major markets in Aba: Ariaria International Market, Ahia-Ohuru, Eziukwu-Market, Eke-Oha Market and even Jubilee Spare Parts Market were all deserted.


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