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Umahi set to sack commissioners…dissolves LG coordinators, others


Obinna Uchendu, Abakaliki
Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has dissolved the Coordinators of 64 Development centers, their management committee members, Senior Technical Assistants and Technical Assistants to the Governor, Chairmen and members of some board and establishments.
In preparation to sack commissioners and Special Advisers, the governor has urged members of the State Executive Council to prepare their handover notes before the 20th of this month.
Speaking on possible nominees to replace the outgoing appointees Governor Umahi warned security agencies in the State that would be saddled with the responsibility of screening and clearing his intending cabinet members nominee of clearing anyone identified to have belonged to any cult group in the state.
Governor Umahi who described cultisim as evil, illegal and brings nothing beneficial to its members noted that all through his political journey till date, he has at no time, bought arms for anyone to kill nor supported any evil plot against any individual or group.
“I have never been in cult and non of my family members is in cult but we are successful. So, if cultism cannot set you free and you cannot be a great man as a cultist, what then are you doing belonging to one?”
“Interestingly, the security agencies have made it clear that no cultist will be cleared for any political appointment.
It is deceiving for anyone to think that every great man must be a cultist. That is misleading and total falsehood. Anyone aspiring to join in my cabinet must denounce cultism now”.
“I have never bought a gun nor sponsored anyone to kill another even at the time of the hardest election”
Governor Umahi who made the disclosure yesterday in his country home while recieving in audience some groups had advised cultists in the state to publicly denounce their membership now or face the full wrath of the law.
“Cultism is evil, illegal and has nothing good in it. I don’t see the reason why people would believe that for one to become somebody or attain greatness, he must join cult. What other thing does one benefit as a cult member rather than the killing and brutalization of innocent people. I have warned against it and will continue to fight it till I eradicate it in Ebonyi state”.
He said that with the insecurity situation in the country, “everyone have got to be careful of all kinds of activities we involve ourselves in as no one caught in cultism will be spared”.
“I see nothing good that cultism can do for anyone. Is killing one another something one takes pride in? The level of insecurity in the country now has awakened the consciousness of security agencies and anyone who is caught in cultism will surely go underground”.
“I advice that whosoever that is involved in cultism should denounce it publicly as it doesn’t put food on the table neither does it has any benefit”.
“Let me tell you, no one who is involved in killing will ever go free, not even his generation. This is the reason why you see several families in bondage, no progress, no good news, no good health and anyone who dies in this evil act can never rest”
“No great man can be found in the midst of cultists. I have never bought a gun and given to anyone nor sponsor anyone to kill another for me even in the face of the hardest election”. He said. Ends.


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