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Villagers flee homes as first rain threatens Nsukka community


By: Chiadikobi Ozor
The first rainfall in Nsukka local government area of Enugu state has sent a danger signal to Uwal Ugwu /Agbani community as resultant flood closed up drainages, forcing residents of the community out of their homes.
Bringing back sad memories of the 2016 flood disaster in the area the community has cried out to Enugu state government to come to its rescue before rainfall returns in full force.
Speaking for the community shortly after conducting journalists round the havoc caused by the first rain in the community Mr Okosisi Chinedu Silvanus said that the rain was a danger signal to the inhabitants of the community, as a result of the past experience when flood submerged buildings and rendered over 30 families homeless in the community.
Okosisi recalled that the community back pone to flooding since Arab Contractors which handled the construction of Urban Girls / Ikenga junction roads channeled drainage system from Isiakpu, Obechara junction, mechanic village and Ogurugu roads to the community without any borrow pit to checkmate floods.
He explained that the community is still leaking the wounds of the last flood in the area which was pitiable and devastating as it uprooted trees, displaced more than 30 families and rendered about 100 homes inaccessible.
He expressed concern over the sorry situation of the community since the construction error pointing out that once it starts raining all the inhabitants of the community would resign to fate for fear of the unknown while evacuating school children to neighbouring communities.
Okosisi said that the community had earlier cried to the state governor Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who personally visited the community on August 30, 2016 on the spot assessment of the floods that year and directed Arab contractors to construct  a borrow pit as temporal solution to reduce the force of  flood.
The governor he said, also instructed the state emergency management agency (SEMA) to provide relief materials to victims of the flood disaster.
SEMA consequently brought 40 bags rice and beans each, milk, canned tea, detergents, cooking oil and zinc nails in the the first batch while in second batch SEMA came with some bundles of zinc, ceiling sheets and 40 bags of cement for the victims of the flood disaster of the community but the borrow pit was never constructed till date.
“The first rainfall this year was an early warning which compelled us to remind the state government that Uwal Ugwu /Agbani community still leave in perpetual fear of flood disaster and appeal to government to construct drainage system to channel floods in the community to save lives and property.
“The appeal is with utmost urgency to avert the dangers of flooding when rainfall finally returns this year. The borrow pit of which the governor directed Arab contractors are yet to be carried out barely two years after the state government directive. Once the sky becomes cloudy for an eventual rainfall we would start packing our most vital property in fear of floods”
“The governors directive has not been carried out while we still wait patiently with restive anxiety as floods this year may cause more damage than what was experienced the previous years.
“This first rain has signaled danger while we take our destiny in our hands praying state government do the needful in the community to save lives and property” he  noted.


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