Home Politics 2019 Enugu East Senate: Is anyone home?

2019 Enugu East Senate: Is anyone home?


It is an incontrovertible fact that the Senate is an elevated platform to talk to the people and speak for the nation.
The Senate is a place for developed minds and intellectuals but gradually some constituencies are reducing the Senate to a laughing stock as a result of the quality of representatives.
The elections are here again and one is bound to ask, who are these people parading themselves? Have they been measured intellectually? Do they have what it takes to really stand before the nation?
We challenge those in authority, those who are making Senators, those trying to encourage people, to give us quality.
This is a seat that Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, a very intellectually gifted man occupied. It is a seat the former Governor of Old Anambra State Jim Nwobodo occupied, Ken Nnamani, these are people that occupied this seat that has been reduced to ordinary.
An anonymous politician from the zone had this to say about the scramble for Enugu East Senatorial Seat. He said, “the seat has been reduced to ordinary. As it is, Enugu East do not even have an observer how much more a representative.
“We are still crying about it and some mediocres are still flying about as if to say the Senate seat is just for anybody who cares.”
Is anyone at home?


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