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Enugu Senators and the 2019 election


Ahead of the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria, Everyday News will serially be evaluating the performances and contributions of political office holders with a view to projecting what the future has in stalk for them.
We have decided to kick-start with Enugu Senators where the Deputy President of the Senate Ike Ekweremadu comes into focus.
A man who could easily be voted the best Senator ever elected from the South-East, has done so much that even his detractors would praise his enviable records .

Unfortunately, for his perceived opponents Ekweremadu’s success story in the Senate, his achievements-community, human and capital development, are so eloquent that he cannot be wished away.
The Aninri born politician has also built a very strong political empire that has rather continued to expand.
Therefore, as the 2019 election approaches, bookmakers believe that Ekweremadu alone would decide which position he wants to run for.
If he decides it’s a return to the Senate the road looks clear that it doesn’t appear he can be stopped.
The former governor Sullivan Chime tried him in 2015 and is yet to recover from the effect of the political punches that landed him in APC.
Senator Gil Nnaji
Frankly speaking, introducing Sen. Nnaji is a very difficult task to any political analyst.
A man of few words and action, both at the Senate and in the State, his return to the Senate in 2015 was courtesy of Ekweremadu.
The senator was about loosing the PDP ticket to the then Enugu political goddess, Ifeoma Nwobodo, before Ekweremadu’s political prowess and show of stuff, mastery and experience swept Chime off his feet; the rest they say is history.
Having picked the ticket it was a battle against his former master Chimaroke Nnamani. It was the battle of his life but the stingy senator opened his palms and was declared winner in a contest widely believed to have been won by the former governor.
A furious Chimaroke Nnamani led a three-day protest against the supposedly daylight robbery.
2019 is here and like many politicians who come down from their heights during elections, he has distributed keke to some youths ahead of the elections.
But the battle ahead of Senator Nnaji is bigger than what Keke can solve, especially with the anticipated return of former Governor Nnamani on the platform of APC.
2019 may provide opportunity for the former governor to take his pound of flesh and Sen. Nnaji’s position may be traded by the PDP.
Senator Chuka Utazi
Another stingy Senator whose re-election may not be automatic. This is because of in-house gang up in which he has continuously been blackmailed in the on going power game in the state.
Apart from the aradite on his palms, Utazi is a qualified representative for his people. He has what it takes to be in the Senate and has contributed enough to justify his first tenure.
So many other big wigs from the Nsukka zone are interested in his position and observers believes he has to be strong and play the game to scale through.
Also the House of Representatives interest of his kinsman and former LG chairman Connel Onwubuya is another threat to his position as the clock continues to tick ahead 2019.?

He must ensure that his position is not traded as his people of Uzo-Uwani cannot be allowed to hold both Reps and Senate at the same time.


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