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T.A Orji’s son Chinedum has all it takes be Speaker-PDP chieftain

A  chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Abia, Dr.Moses Ayodele Orji, has said that the member representing Umuahia Central State Constituency, Hon. Chinedum Orji has what it takes to become the seventh Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly.
Orji said that the zonning of the speakership position to Abia Central is an opportunity for whoever that is an elected member from both the Umuahia and Ngwa bloc that made up the zone to contest if he has interest.
The former APGA Chieftain cautioned against scaremongering and clannish sentiment being peddled about where the speaker should come from between the Ngwa and Umuahia bloc.
He advised all contestants for the position of the speaker not to tear the PDP apart with personal ambitions but to go ahead and contest in the spirit of fair play and learn from past errors.
Orji however, warned the current speaker of the State House of Assembly, Chief Chikwendu Kalu and his group to avoid hiding in the disguise of Ngwa agenda to propagate their personal agenda which has nothing to do with the Ngwa nation.
He cautioned them to stop creating disunity between the Ngwa and their Umuahia brothers in Abia Central senatorial zone over personal ambition.
The PDP Chieftain who stated this in Aba, while reacting to an interview by one of the Speaker’s associates, David  Ezindu, advised everyone to have a limit between personal ambition and unity of the state.
He accused Kalu’s group of heating up the polity and propagating clannish sentiments  and sponsoring attacks on his opponent, Hon.Chinedum Orji.
Orji, who is also a well known son of Ngwa land advised the speaker’s group to realize that it is only the members- elect that will choose the next speaker of the Assembly.
“It’s very unfortunate that we allowed this to get into the public domain. It’s only the members of the House of Assembly can participate in this election.
“So, coming in the open to heat up clannish sentiment on where the speaker should come from at a time might not even be justified in our position. it is adding salt to injury.
“I know  his target is Engineer Chinedum Orji. The fact is that many people were surprised that he didn’t even emerge speaker four years ago. He has been on his own.
“If what I’ve heard about Chiedum Orji is correct, then he has been more of a stabilizing factor and a staunch supporter of the incumbent government. I don’t see him trying to destroy the house he’s helping to build.
“I don’t buy that scaremongering. He has the requisite experience and he’s capable. He has not been involved in any scandal since he assumed office,” he said.
Speaking further, Orji said, “I’ve not met Chinedum Orji one on one, but I now know that many of us were wrong when we were in APGA in having the impression that once the man is in, he’ll destabilize the whole place and pave way for himself.
“I don’t think it will be nice for people to aspire to position of power by scaremongering. They are trying to push an agenda that’s is not an Ngwa agenda. Some persons are trying to score some cheap political points by using ethnic sentiment.”
He narrated that the Ngwa and the Umuahia blocs in Abia Central zone had never had problems over the sharing of positions in the state, insisting that Kalu’s attempt to incite the two sections against each other, has failed.
“The truth of the matter remains that when it comes to the Senate, I think when an Umuahia man was governor, the senate was domiciled in Ngwa land and we occupied it for 8 years.
“Now that an Ngwa man is governor, the senate in Abia Central has gone to Umuahia axis. That it’s in the hands of Sen. T. A Orji is accidental. It could have been anybody. These things are circumstantial and situational.
“When it comes to speakership I’m surprised that we are insisting it must be with us here. I’m not saying that anybody from Ngwa area is not fit or shouldn’t contest, but to say that we are been defrauded of our right is what baffles me.
“It is not an Ngwa position that an Ngwa man must continue as speaker and I wouldn’t want anyone to use the Ngwa name to advance his personal ambition. In every man’s chest there’s desire, but as you go for it, don’t bring in Ngwa name into it.”


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