5 gold coins that are worth your investment

When it comes to investing in any material asset, most people prefer precious metals, especially gold, to their intrinsic value. Thanks to its ease of liquidity and portability, gold coins are the perfect choice for investors. Made of highly refined gold, only gold coins are created for investment purposes. You can buy such coins from various sources. For example, producing coins from the coins for sale every year. These high quality parts are known as superb and have the manufacturer's warranty and nominal value. However, it is not the nominal value but the gold content that makes them worthy investments. Significantly different from numismatic or collectible coins, gold coins can be of different types; Not everyone can offer you the same return on investment. Read this article to learn about the best coins in this category that can give you the maximum return on your investment. 

The American golden eagle coin

A highly sought after alternative among gold investors, the American Eagles were first minted in 1986. They have a face value of $ 5, $ 10, $ 25 and $ 50 printed on them. Of course, the material value of each coin is much greater than the printed value. 

Golden American buffalo

American Buffalo was created as a 5-cent coin by James Earle Fraser, a student of Saint-Gaudens, and was not released until 1013. Both sides of the coin show an Indian man and an American buffalo, a design that justifies the nicknames "Indian Head" and 'Buffalo Nickel '. 

Gold Canadian maple leaf

With a maple leaf print on the back and the face of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, experts believe that this iconic coin is one of the best in the world. Royal Canadian Mint, a facility known for its high quality gold coins, is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of these coins. 

Austrian Philharmonic Gold

A relatively young participant in the large coin, the Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin is available in 1/25 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz. Created as an ode to the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, one side of the coin has a variety of instruments, including cello, violin, horn, harp and bassoon. The other side has the imprint of the Musikverein, the concert hall of the Vienna Grand Organ. The Austrian coins are the manufacturer and guarantor of these coins. 

South African Krugerrand Gold

Named after Paul Kruger, President of the Transvaal or South Africa, these coins come in 1/10, ¼, ½ and 1 oz. These gold creations are synonymous with prestige and wealth. While the front of the coin has a presidential portrait, the national symbol has been reversed - the Springbok antelope. The South African coins manufacture and guarantee these coins. Bullion coins allow you to store the values  of gold assets in a concrete way. Visit your local coin shops to find gold coins offered for sale. Buy one of the above mentioned coins. Since they are all very liquid on the market, you will never have a hard time selling them. 

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