gold buyer Vancouver pays more for gold in Vancouver

While unemployment has risen over the past 30 days, the price of gold has reached $ 1,820 per ounce and many people are wary of the economy. You may think this is a good time to sell gold jewelry. Maybe some rings from your college years? Maybe a gold necklace from the 70s that is no longer in style? Or even a family heirloom you’ve never liked. If this is what you are considering, there are many people who are ready to talk to you. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. 

Scammers are embarking on the gold-buying business, promising to make everything from 'the highest price we pay' to 'Instant Cash' to 'Gold Jewelry in CASH'. But first I want to say this: with the full recession, this is not the time to do things you do not know quickly and easily. 

News representatives report that the majority of consumers use unscrupulous buyers of gold and silver, and it was an expensive lesson to learn. 

A local television news station in Vancouver has decided to test some of the more well-known Vancouver gold-buying businesses. CTV News on Tuesday brought a 14-carat gold chain to various buyers in Vancouver and received a wide variety of offers. Vancouver Gold on Broadway offered $ 411. 41; Gold Vancouver on West Pender Street suggested $ 482. 60. Gold Vancouver paid the best price per gram. 

We now understand that some jewels made with precious metals and precious stones are worth more to some people than just the value of the gold because of the craftsmanship contained in them. And so you may not want to sell it, because you probably will not get the value you just paid for it. Gold buyers usually do not spend on the artistic value of some jewelry, but spend only on the intrinsic value; however, it is known that Gold Vancouver pays more for extraordinary pieces. 

So here's the best advice: buy and sell from a reputable dealer like Gold Vancouver. Deal with people you already know, who are recommended by friends, or who have good reviews. If you are dealing with a gold and silver buyer online, you should check their credentials online in addition to qualifications online. Very important: make sure you post their rates clearly on the website before selling your gold to them. If the company publishes rates or finds it hard to find them, it's because they need to cover something!

Be armed with knowledge. Find out how much gold you have before bringing it in to weigh. If you know approximately how much value you have, you may be able to trade much more effectively. 

What about the remnant you are not so sure about? Save it and sell the necklace from the 1970s. Heavy gold will make a comeback one of these days, but family treasures never go out of fashion. 

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