Hyundai Kona 2020 specs review


The Korean company Hyundai introduced the new model of the Kona 2020 in exhibitions and major showrooms, where the company made some modifications and development in the new 2020 model, which comes in the style of a compact crossover with a competitive design and many advantages, and this model is considered one of the distinctive models offered by Hyundai, and we will know today. On the 2020 Kona more closely in terms of specifications, luxuries, safety factors, prices...etc.

Hyundai Kona 2020 specifications:

Engine: The car has a 2000 cc, four-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine with intelligent variable valve timing, with 149 hp and 180 Nm of torque, with front traction.

Maximum speed of the car: 194 km.

Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h (sec): 10 seconds.

Average fuel consumption: 7.5 liters per 100 km.

Fuel tank capacity (liters): 50 liters.

Recommended fuel type: 92nd gasoline.

Transmission: The Hyundai Kona 2020 has a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Well-being factors in Kona 2020:

The car contains many luxury factors and luxuries, as it has been equipped with many modern luxuries, including:

Accessories available in the first category:

Lighting in the trunk of the car.

Central locking of the doors in the car to reduce risks.

Rear air conditioner vents to distribute air throughout the car.

A computer to measure the remaining fuel mileage compared to fuel.

Rear window defogger.

Car rear wipers.

Driver seat height adjustment for better viewing angle.

Cruise control gives you comfort and safety on highways while traveling.

Electric side mirrors.

Front fog lamps for a clearer vision while walking in the midst of fog that works by LED lighting.

Driver seat height adjustment for better viewing angle.

Control buttons for the front and rear windows next to the driver.

A distinct audio system with USB inputs - AUX and Bluetooth that enables you to pair the car with the phone and the media, and it can be controlled through a hydraulic steering wheel for safe control while driving.

Front and rear headrests for more comfort for passengers while driving long distances.

A special device for measuring the number of miles traveled.

Folding rear seats to expand the rear trunk of the car.

Fence on the roof.

Additional luxuries available in the second category:

Center armrest.

Electric sunroof.

floor lamps;

Leather steering wheel.

A protective plate is located on the sill of the vehicle.

Xenon headlights, not the LED type.

Automatic headlights.

Automatic air conditioner.

Rear cup holders.

Ceiling brake.

Rain sensor wipers.

temperature display.

Car start button.

Kona 2020 categories and prices in the Saudi market:

The Hyundai Kona 2020 in Saudi Arabia comes in only two categories with financeable, and the price of the 2020 Kona in the Kingdom is 71,000 - 76,000 Saudi riyals, excluding taxes.

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Safety factors in the car:

Hyundai Kona has many safety factors, as each category is equipped with several different factors, so you find small differences in prices, as it comes

ABS brake system: It is the system developed from modern stopping systems, which makes the car not crawl when the driver presses hard on the brake pedal. The ABS system presses the brake lining to grip the discs accurately and comfortably so that the car does not suddenly stop and the car suddenly turns over, But the presence of this system gives great comfort to the discs, helping the car to stop once, but quietly.

 Electronic brake distribution EBD: The new EBD system that has been added to all modern cars and the word EBD is an abbreviation for “Electronic Brakeforce Distribution” and means electronic brake distribution. This modern system adds more stability and balance to the car, regardless of the load. Applying varying braking pressure to the car tires so that it can stop without losing the car in any way, and it also works to distribute the brake force between the back and the front so that the front or rear brakes do not exceed each other and a coup occurs.

Brake Assist BA: It is a system that has been available for some time in modern cars and is known as “BRAKE ASSISTANT” that gives the car the maximum braking force. By observing and studying the condition of the car and its speed well, so that he knows how to stop properly in order to reduce the percentage of accidents.

Front and rear seat belts: The car has seat belts for the rear seats, such as the front ones, for more safety for rear passengers.

DSC brake system: In emergency situations, if the driver tries to stop suddenly, this system accelerates the activation of the brakes so that you can reach the maximum brake or stop in the least period of time, which helps the driver to stop without being subjected to overturning, as this system stops if the car is traveling fast Less than 5 km/h, and the system works to provide a state of balance while stopping if the speed is within reach, i.e. less than 90 km/h, but if the speed increases, the system tries to stop at full speed only.

ISOFix for fixing child seats: It is a fastener that is placed on the rear seats of the car and is fixed well, then children are placed inside it and the designated belts are tied to prevent children from falling in the event of a collision.

2 airbags: the airbags open directly in the event of a collision, and they are airbags to protect the face of the driver and front passenger from collision.

Reverse Traffic Alert: This available feature makes the sensors a special radar, as it helps alert the driver of rear cross traffic and approaching vehicles when reversing.

Tire Monitoring System (TPMS): A modern brake system that monitors tires and monitors tire pressure

Each tire and alerts the driver in the event of any problems in the tires if the pressure in the tires is less than required, or in the event of a sudden thing happening to the tires.

Cruise control: It can be used to control the speed on straight and long roads, where you can control the speed of the car according to the limits of the laws available to you on the road, which provides more comfort while driving.

Kona 2020 design from the outside:

The design and structure from the outside The car’s shape is characterized by strength and a more youthful impression in design and shape at the same time, as the car came with a design that draws attention, in a wonderful youthful way that suits all age groups, but for the youth category more, and the car also got a modern design and contains many Among the additions that increase the beauty of the car, with new front and rear bumpers in terms of design, the front and rear lights and the front grille have been updated to make the car more sporty, and it is also equipped with longitudinal LED fog lights.

Lights: The car has wonderful and flashing lights with the largest possible viewing area, and great in terms of shape as well as the quality of design, the lamp from the inside consists of LED lighting lenses, with the presence of chrome surrounding the lamps for more elegance.

The possibility of controlling the illuminated lens to increase or decrease the light through a button located next to the steering wheel.

Underneath the lamps, you find the triangular fog lamps in a very attractive and wonderful shape, large in size and giving a great performance.

Side mirrors: The car comes with electronic electric side mirrors in the same color as the car with side signals in case of changing direction. The car mirrors come in the same color as the entire car and not a different color.

Front bumper: The car comes with a front and rear bumper as well, in the same color as the car, but the grille is what differs in color, and it comes in black.

The design and the structure from the outside are characterized by strength and durability in design and 

shape at the same time, and the car came with an attractive design, in a wonderful youthful way.

The front grille The front grille extends to the headlights, and the front grille consists of 5 transverse lines that make the front of the car look amazing, and the grille is the company’s logo in shiny chrome.

Air vents The ventilation vents come with a new, modern and sporty design. It comes in an elegant rectangular shape with transverse lines forming only one transverse line with the presence of fog lamps with a small rectangular design at the bottom of the bumper.

External dimensions of the car:

Height: 1565 mm.

Width: 1801 mm.

Length: 4165 mm.

Wheelbase: 2600 mm.

Trunk capacity: 544 liters.

Vehicle weight: 1490 kg.

Tire size: 17 inches.

Hyundai Kona 2020 inside:

From the first moment you will put your foot inside the car, you will discover a set of modern and advanced standards in the world of cars and you will feel that the car enjoys luxury and that it has been able to develop a lot, and the chrome touches that were placed inside the car seem to give a wonderful attraction to the car, the car is very spacious from the inside It provides comfort.

The dashboard of the car is more than excellent in the general shape, as it is located to the right and left of the dashboard, the air-conditioning vents, and the middle is a display screen with many features, characteristics and controls according to the category as well.

The space of the car is good to give a lot of comfort to the passengers in the front or in the back seats, which can accommodate up to 5 people with the use of the rear box and comfortably with an armrest in the middle of the back seat.

Automatic transmission next to the hand brake and places to place the cups.

Far to the right is the small luggage box or storage with many control buttons for the air conditioning and many things inside the car, with electric control in the rear mirrors and front seats, everything inside the car is done very easily.

The rear AC vents and the amazing front vents distribute and purify the air inside the entire car.

Features of the car from the point of view of users:

Economical in fuel.

The exterior and interior of the car are more than wonderful and streamlined.

An advanced steering wheel that gives you ease of control.


Fold the rear seats to expand the car.

Disadvantages of Kona 2020 from users' point of view:

No car sensors.

The space inside the car is a bit cramped, especially the rear seats.

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