Toyota Corolla 2020

 Toyota Corolla 2020

Toyota presented the Corolla for the first time this year and competed in the category of practical, small-sized, youthful cars, and it achieved success in the Egyptian market due to its attractive and elegant shape with a modern and beautiful character, through which it can compete strongly with the cars of its class, and is characterized by strength and solidity with the treatment of blind spots that It obstructs and prevents good vision while driving.

Toyota Corolla is classified as the best-selling car in the world, and it is called the car of long life, and many people who want to own a practical and good car resort to it, and the Toyota Corolla model 2020 is the (12) version of this model.

The Corolla 2020 is based on the global TNGA platform, which is the same used in Avalon, Camry and other Toyota models, which means that the new Corolla has a quiet cabin compared to what it is currently, especially with a multi-link rear suspension system, and Toyota has a more dynamic design compared to its competitors It comes with a sharp front with LED headlights, a large grille, polished wheels, while the rear adheres to a quiet look with a strip connecting the taillights. The interior has got a modern design, as it has a streamlined dashboard, a floating screen above the center console with high-end upholstery.


Toyota Corolla 2020 specifications and dimensions

Specifications The car is offered in Egypt with a 1600cc 4 cylinder engine that works at 120 horsepower, and is connected to a manual or automatic transmission with CTV technology. The car is available in the Egyptian market in four categories of different equipment and prices.

Its dimensions are the weight of the car is 1350 kg, the length of the car is 4.63 m, the width of the car is 1.78 m, the height of the car is 1.43 m, the length of the wheelbase is 2.70 m, the height from the ground is 15 cm.

New in Toyota Corolla 2020

This year, it comes with a sunroof and car antenna. The circular air conditioning vents on both sides and the rectangular air conditioning vents in the middle of the dashboard have a medium size, and a silver chrome frame comes around it and a medium-sized multi-function steering wheel embroidered with luxurious leather and has a chrome addition in the middle of the Toyota logo and a drawer It has a large storage space in the outer structure and a medium-sized front bumper with a large protrusion in the lower part in black or the same color as the car, in addition to a medium-sized grille also in the middle and door handles in the same color as the car or from silver chrome and a prominent line parallel to the door handles extended The length of the car and a black sill under the doors.

Toyota Corolla 2020 colors

(Gloss black, matte black, white, light red, blue, grey, silver, metallic)

Toyota Corolla 2020 interior colors:

Toyota Corolla 2020 comes to the Egyptian market in several colors for the cabin and interior upholstery:

Luxurious leather and cloth interior upholstery colors (black, beige, camel)

car interior embroidery

Some aesthetic touches from chrome and luxurious leather on some interiors of the car, Toyota logo.


Safety and security

World-class safety technologies give the 2020 Toyota Corolla a wide range of enhanced features that include active safety systems and occupant collision protection systems such as various airbags.

Toyota Corolla 2020 offers a super-rigid structure to protect the cabin in the event of any collision from the front for the purpose of distributing the impact of shocks, with front and side airbags and adjusting the geometry of the interior cabin so that passengers are not exposed to any injuries in the event of collisions.

Toyota Corolla 2020 features

When we talk about its features, of course, we mean when it is compared to cars of its class in its elegant and modern exterior, the car comes with a strong body, the car has a very great resale value, the car has a very high reliability, the car received a 5-star rating in the general EuroNCAP passenger ratings Adults, the price of the car is good compared to its competitors in that category, the car has many categories to suit the needs of buyers, the car comes with various engines, the boot space is large, fuel economy is noticeable, the audio system has 6 speakers, an 8-inch screen, Bluetooth and Aux- Usb, and the screen contains It has a lot of luxury features, electric mirrors, light-sensitive, front and rear LEDs.

Disadvantages of Toyota Corolla 2020

It has no defects of its own, but you may encounter some problems. If you are looking for a car that can accommodate a large number of individuals or a large number of purposes, it is a city car, not a family car, and there is no interior cover to cover the engine of the Toyota Corolla 2020, there is no fiber to cover the car bonnet Inside the Toyota Corolla 2020, despite the large trunk capacity in the Toyota Corolla 2020, the loading slot for the trunk is small, the price difference between the classes is large compared to the increased capabilities, the sound insulation is not good in the Toyota Corolla 2020, the ground clearance or the height of the car From the earth is considered relatively few.

Toyota Corolla 2020 price

They come in four categories at different prices, of course, and we will review them as follows

The first class of Corolla, with standard specifications, has 2 airbags to protect the driver and front passenger - ABS brakes - EBD electronic brake force distribution system - BA brake assist system - HILL STARTING ASSIST system - VSC system - 4.2 inch instrument panel - 15 inch rims - LED daytime running lights - electric side mirrors - electric windows and some other traditional standard luxuries.

The price of the first category of the car in the Egyptian market is about 325,000 pounds.

There is also a manual class with the same luxuries as the first class


Its price is about 304,000 pounds.

The second category of the Corolla 2020, which is equipped with a Fame rear glass - 6 pure sound speakers - USB and AUX input - and a CD player -Bluetooth feature for phone charging - Driver back support unit - Heated side mirrors - 16 inch rims - 2 airbags to protect the driver and front passenger - ABS brakes - EBD electronic brake force distribution system - BA brake assist system - HILL STARTING ASSIST system - VSC - 4.2-inch instrument panel.

The price of the second category of the car is about 362,000 EGP.

 The third category of the Corolla 2020 has the same specifications as the previous categories in addition to the presence of a dual-zone air conditioner with rear openings - cruise control - mirrors with self-dimming feature - LED lights - smart key feature - engine start and stop button - light and rain sensors - 7 size entertainment screen Inch - front and rear parking sensors - sunroof.

The price of the third category of the car is about 419,000 EGP.

The fourth category of the Corolla 2020 has the same specifications as the previous categories, in addition to the presence of 6 front and side airbags to protect passengers - leather seats - rear camera - wireless charger - 8-inch entertainment screen - 17-inch rims.

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