Toyota Yaris 2020

The Toyota Yaris 2020 car, specifications, prices, features and defects, a comprehensive report that gives you all the information you need to know about it to decide after that the right decision and compare it with its competitors, and we also provide you with high-quality pictures of it from the outside and inside.


Toyota Yaris 2020
Toyota presented the Yaris model for the first time this year and competed in the category of practical, small-sized, youthful cars, and it achieved success in the Egyptian market due to its attractive and elegant shape with a modern and beautiful character, through which it can compete strongly with the cars of its class, and is characterized by strength and solidity with the treatment of blind spots Which impeded and prevented good vision while driving the car.

It is one of the famous cars, especially in Egypt, it is called the Vios or Belta also, designed by Toyota of the small type, the first time that car was made in 2006 AD, in the category of small cars, Japanese assembly, the annual Yaris sales range from 100 to 150 thousand cars annually. (80,000 cars in the Kingdom), but in 2014, Toyota achieved an overwhelming achievement, which is more than 500,000 cars. They were sold all over the Kingdom. With time, it became the best car in Egypt, more wanted and more sold.

From Yaris iA to only Yaris The new name brings three new grades, additional features and an updated look – while staying true to the value you love New L and LE grades meet their style with a new sportier front end, shark fin antenna and chrome exhaust The new Yaris LE and XLE offer Premium features such as heated side mirrors with LED operating signals and smart key entry with push-button start - all are standard.

When you want more, the Yaris XLE delivers rain-sensing windshield wipers, leather seat surfaces, LED headlights with auto start/stop feature, and, of course, they're more fun to drive than ever and maintain impressive fuel economy that You expect it from a Yaris, so no matter how you look at it, the Yaris family is smart in every detail.

Toyota Yaris specifications and dimensions
Specifications The Yaris car is presented in Egypt. Toyota Yaris 2020 models were provided with some standard specifications and safety and security means, including “airbags, anti-lock brake system ABS, electronic distribution of the EBD brakes”, and it contained 15-inch sports rims, front and rear fog lights with LED lighting. According to statistics issued by the Automotive Market Information Council (AMIC), the total sales of Toyota Yaris hatchbacks amounted to about 161 vehicles during the past year.

Its dimensions are 38.25 cm in length, 16.95 in width and 1530 mm in height. This car accommodates a maximum of five people, but it has a great design so that there is ample space between the front and rear seats, which provides a wide and comfortable space for the legs of the rear passengers.

New in Toyota Yaris
This car has two engines, the first with a capacity of up to a liter, and the second with a capacity of 1.3 liters, with time it was made with a 1.5-liter engine to meet the requirements of the youth category, the speed of the drum is 200 km per hour, model 2006, length 38.25 cm, width 16.95, height 1530 mm, that car accommodates five Maximum people, but it has a great design so that there is ample space between the front and rear seat space, which thus provides ample and comfortable legroom for the rear passengers.

It also has safety degrees such as the brake system and plastic shocks, while the new updated hatchback model 2020, with a more dynamic and exciting design, is the same specifications, but with increased capabilities and a new streamlined shape, a more solid chassis, new shock absorbers and an advanced electric steering system, and there Also, a rear suspension system with a modern design provides comfort for passengers and maintains the stability of the car at the same time.

Toyota Yaris colors
These colors are available in the market, including (glossy black, matte black, white, light red, blue, gray, silver, and metallic).

Toyota Yaris features
When we talk about its features, of course, we mean when it is compared to cars of the same category in that the car’s exterior is elegant and modern. The car comes with a strong body. The car’s features are that it is reasonably priced, new and used, with great capabilities, a distinctive and beautiful shape, that saves on gasoline, and the defects of the car may be seen Some say their used price is high, and they put a premium design with the all-new honeycomb grille, rear lip spoiler and available integrated fog lights, with room for five people, a beautiful touch screen and automatic climate control, this is the space everyone will want to get out of, providing 1.5L Direct Injection Engine in Yaris

Efficient performance with plenty of power, when paired with an available six-speed automatic transmission, delivers an estimated 40 EPA highway and 32 mpg city, while the 6-speed manual estimates 39 highway and 30 mpg city. in the city gallon. Either way, the Yaris happily delivers the right mix of efficiency and fun, sport your drive with a switch. Choose the available six-speed automatic with Sport mode.

Disadvantages of Toyota Yaris
It has no defects of its own, but you may encounter some problems. If you are looking for a car that can accommodate a large number of people or a large number of purposes, it is a city car, not a family car, and there is no interior cover to cover the engine of the Toyota Yaris 2020, there is no fiber to cover the car bonnet Inside the Toyota Yaris 2020, despite the large capacity of the trunk in the Toyota Yaris 2020, but the loading slot for the trunk is small

Pounds, the price difference between the categories is large compared to the extra capabilities, the sound insulation is not good in the Toyota Yaris 2020, the ground clearance or the height of the car from the ground is relatively low.

Toyota Yaris price
They come in three categories at different prices, of course, and we will review them as follows

Toyota Yaris 2020 HB / Coup 3 Drs

The new manufacture of the Toyota Yaris car for the year 2020, the manual, the price from the agent reached 230,000, and it can be paid in installments with a down payment of 69000 EGP and a monthly installment of 4428 m, a motor capacity of 1000 cc, a speed of up to 155 with six speeds, a manual transmission, Japanese assembled in Thailand, the fuel used is 92, find Adding more excitement around every corner, the Yaris features MacPherson front suspension and a torsion beam rear suspension that provides more than just good looks, it's tuned to deliver a smooth ride and supple handling.

Toyota Yaris 5 Drs 2020 automatic hatchback

This car is characterized by a lot in terms of speed, it is 110 hp and a 1500 cc motor, its speed reaches 175, automatic transmission, it consumes 4.9 liters per 100 km, that is, it saves gasoline, it has air conditioning and works with remote control, leather upholstery, electric windows, Bluetooth and a cylinder entrance T, USB port and many other possibilities, anti-lock brake system, driver airbag, with standard 7-in. A touch screen multimedia system that allows you to access your music, contacts and more, Yaris will become your inseparable companion. Interact directly with the screen, or choose the control switch located between the front seats. The system also features voice recognition and Bluetooth Calling, giving you instant access to your call lists and playlists.

Toyota Auris 2020 Automatic High Line

Another type of these amazing vehicles, but it has more capabilities and a higher price, especially the new ones. Its price at the agent is 515000 EGP. As for the installment with the lowest down payment, 154500 EGP and monthly 9916 EGP. Its motor is higher than the previous types, the capacity is 1600, 130 HP, but it is only 5 speeds. Automatic transmission. The fuel used is 92. Driver and Passenger Airbag Rear Camera Alarm ABS Anti-lock Braking System EBD Make every drive instantly better with your own soundtrack Just connect your device to one of the two standard USB ports for easy access to your music, or Stream music wirelessly With Bluetooth wireless technology, these handy ports also help keep your gadgets charged and ready for whatever lies ahead.

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