How to calculate compensation in America

How to calculate compensation in America

How to calculate compensation in America? At present, compensation for citizens of America on bank deposits is made according to the latest version of Decree of the Government of America No. 1092 of December 28, 201. Familiarize yourself with the list of categories of citizens listed below, for which deposits are compensated for this time period. Using the account formulas and transactions, as well as the necessary information about the deposit and the recipient, you can independently calculate the amount of compensation payable to you.


How is the compensation amount calculated?

To calculate compensation, the percentage that has been deducted from the actual pension insurance wage as a composite of compensation (deduction percentage) in each month of employment, and then calculating the difference between ⅓8% (the percentage of full compensation to which workers are entitled) and the percentage of deductions (a percentage of the actual wage , which has been deducted as the compensation component).


What is the amount of compensation?

As for the amount of compensation, “the insured’s performance,” it is not determined from the start. Rather, it is necessary to determine the value of the damage after the insured’s obligation is fulfilled, because the amount of compensation must be equal to the damage incurred only and not exceed the least of the sum insured or the value of the thing insured. b- b- They differ in terms of the amount of each of the two amounts.


How do I calculate compensation for arbitrary expulsion?

The compensation payable is: 480 hours for the first 5 years + 720 hours for the second 5 years. So 10 years for a total of 1200 hours. All that remains is for us to multiply the number of hours by the price of one hour. 1200 * 25 = 30,000 is the amount owed for the semester.


When is compensation due?

If a lawsuit has been brought against you and it is proven to be invalid, you can claim compensation for litigation damages, including: - Case expenses such as (travel and accommodation expenses, lawyer’s fee) - Travel ban damage - Precautionary attachment damage - Damage to stop dealing. The compensation estimate is according to the judge’s discretion, considering Custom and the use of experts. Is there compensation for psychological damage and defamation?


Is it permissible to combine compensation and the amount of insurance?

According to what was settled by the Court of Cassation, where it ruled that it is permissible to combine the amount of compensation and the amount of insurance in many of its rulings, and that in many of its rulings, as follows: Summary. Compensation due to the injured person before the person responsible. And the insurance due to him by the insurance company is permissible to combine them under the old civil law due to the difference in the basis of each of them.


What are the conditions to be met by a person filing a claim for compensation?

In order for a compensation claim to be filed and accepted before the judicial authorities, there must be general conditions and procedures that include all types of cases in general. As for the compensation claim, it must have general conditions related to the form, and conditions related to the subject that were stipulated in the Civil and Administrative Procedures Law.

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