Real estate insurance in America


Real estate insurance in America

Homeowners insurance can protect your money from unexpected and harmful events that damage your home, so it is important that you learn about the best home insurance companies in America for 2022.


We ranked this list using the average annual premiums from the quartile information services, available coverage options, discounts, general customer satisfaction and financial strength as the main measures.


Real estate insurance in America 2022

In the following lines, we will discuss about home insurance in America and the best home insurance companies in America:


USAA Real estate insurance in America

USAA provides its services specifically to current and former military personnel and their families. The company consistently receives high marks for its customer service, and was awarded the highest score in the 2020 Home Insurance Study by J.D. Power USA.


In addition to having average premiums below the national average, USAA offers a range of homeowner insurance discounts, including savings for being claim-free for five years.


Travelers Home Insurance in America

With agents in all 50 states and Washington, DC, Travelers is a highly accessible home insurance company that offers low average rates paired with a variety of discounts to help policyholders save more.


For example, policyholders whose home has been certified by Leadership, Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for being green can save up to 5% on their premiums.


The company also offers features unfamiliar to tech-savvy consumers, such as the ability to manage policies with Echo or Alexa.


AAA Home Insurance in America

The company offers several insurance products, including homeowners insurance. Although AAA operates differently in different states, policyholders usually do not have to have AAA membership to take advantage of the home insurance program.


However, if you have a membership, you may get an additional discount. In addition to its slightly below average rates, the company offers several discounts that can help policyholders reduce their premiums even further.


Discounts vary by state, so speaking with an insurance agent may help you learn more about the savings available to you.


Amica Mutual Home Insurance in America

If you are looking for home insurance coverage that focuses on customer service and peace of mind, then Amica could be a great choice.


Although its average annual premiums are higher than the national average, Amica is praised for its customer service, and its policyholders are constantly impressed by the company's claims service.


Amica ranked first in J.D. Power's annual property claims study for nine years between 2012 and 2020, before moving to fourth in the 2021 study.


Amica also offers unique features, such as a dividend policy, allowing policyholders to get back up to 20% of their home premiums each year.


Allstate Home Insurance in America

Allstate Home Insurance stands out as one of the best homeowner's insurance companies for the way it helps policyholders navigate their coverage needs.


The company offers educational resources on its website to help first-time buyers navigate the homeowners insurance buying process.


For example, Allstate's Expensive and Common Claims tool provides information on the most common and costly insurance claims by ZIP code, which can help you assess the need for specific coverage options in your policy.

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