UNN witchcraft conference not for witches, wizards-Don

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Immediately the invitation of ‘The first International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Witchcraft, Meaning Factors and Practices’ hit the social media it elicited reactions from far and wide.
Many thought it was another social media joke while others made a jest of it describing it as a meeting of witches and wizards.
But the Professor B.I.C Ijeoma Center for Policy and Research University of Nigeria is organizing a Conference on witchcraft, the first of its kind.
To satisfy the curiosity of its readers Everyday News took a step further to verify the veracity of the invitation by speaking to one of the speakers at the proposed Conference.
Professor Damian Opata is to present the lead paper alongside Prof P.J. Ezeh.
Hear him:
There are always lots of views on social media. I saw the postings in Facebook some people welcomed it some people think it’s anathema, some think it’s even a meeting of witches themselves. It’s a diverse word; they are all different opinions. But I like the idea that they are having such a thing and I am part of it.
What is it all about?
It’s about the invitation you saw; my own is that I have been invited to speak; I am not part of the organizers. But I like the topic because it’s part of liberating the experience of people.
Our people are not daring; many other universities in other countries are studying voodooism and all manner of things but Christian mental set has prevented our people from moving forward. For me I think it’s esoteric knowledge gone awry. Because it’s real knowledge actually but now been misused. If those who are abusing it can re-direct it to positive things Nigeria can be better. Like remote science; people are gifted; just that if you are gifted don’t use it for evil; use it for good.
People are thinking it’s a meeting of witches and wizards?
(laughing) whatever they think. I do not think that any witch or wizard comes openly to say he or she is a witch or wizard.
You are to deliver a paper at the Conference…
My paper is ‘the wealthy are no witches-towards an epistemology ideology of witchcraft among the Igbo. Because you don’t find rich people being called witches; it’s only the poor people that are called witches.

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