Clash averted in Aba as army patrol van knocks down female pedestrian

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A major clash between Aba residents and a team of soldiers was averted weekend when an over-speeding patrol van belonging to the Nigeria Army knocked down a yet to be identified female pedestrian.
The accident which took place at the popular Ogbor-Hill waterside bridge, opposite the Enyimba Hotel, along Aba/Ikot-Ekpene Highway at about 6:Pm? attracted sympathizers who could do nothing as the soldiers reportedly carried the victim into their vehicle and zoomed off to unknown destination.
Sources within the scene of the accident said that the woman’s chances of surviving the impact of the van following how she fell on the road in the pool of her own blood, may be divine than medical.
A source who witnessed the ugly accident said that it could have been avoided if only the soldiers were not on a high speed as well as driving against traffic rule through plying a lane that is originally not meant for their destination.
The source said that the over-speeding army patrol van ran into a woman who was only  trying to cross over to the other side of the road with high concentration on her normal area of interest with zero expectation that a vehicle could be plying the other route.
“This accident could have been avoided if the army van didn’t drive against traffic. They were not only driving against traffic, they were also over- speeding.
“There was a heavy traffic at the bridge as usual every evening. The soldiers decided to ply one-way with heavy speed. I wonder why a good driver who is plying one-way on a double lane road will still be over- speeding?
“I don’t know why soldiers are always in a hurry in the streets of Aba when their vehicles are moving. They always want all of us to disappear whenever they’re passing not withstanding the circumstances. I don’t know if that woman will survive.”
Adding his voice, another eyewitness who simply gave his name as Lucky said, “Everyone shifted behind when they noticed it was an army van that hit the woman.
“Aba people were getting agitated and the situation almost escalated, but most of us reasonably moved away from the scene as they carried the body into their van.
“You know how they behave. If you try to ask questions or even make some moves that may even help them, they could tag you anything and waste your precious life.
“May be they took her to hospital, but I expect them to reach her family as soon as possible and tell them what happened to her because it was an avoidable accident.”

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