Enugu lawyer says It’s too late to hold LG elections this year…calls for caretaker 

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Enugu based legal practitioner and former commissioner Barr. Ray Nnaji has said that it is no longer feasible to hold local government elections in the state before the end of the year.
In an exclusive chat with Everyday News in Enugu Nnaji said, “as it stands now if there should be election, the process ought to have started. Election is not something you start overnight.
“Political parties have to be ready. You have to inform them, they have to inform you; give you notice of their congresses, their primaries because the parties must hold congresses and primaries. The state electoral commission ENSIEC and INEC ought to observe.
“The logistics are too many that you cannot do overnight. I don’t think that there will be an election that can be so quickly done now. But I believe the governor has the opportunity of having an in-between arrangement that will give him an opportunity of organizing a very credible election.
“So if he brings in a caretaker it’s not a bad idea provided he brings out a timetable for people to know he is ready to go for election. That it is an interim measure which is allowed. There is nothing wrong in having an interim measure to be able to have the opportunity to make solid arrangement for a very good election.
“For the chairmen, their tenure cannot be extended because it is provided for in the statute book. So if the governor wants to retain them he can make another arrangement by making them caretaker for a very short period of time whereby timetable will now be rolled out for election to take place. It’s not a bad idea; many people used it, Sullivan also did it.
“I am not suggesting…how can I suggest for the governor, it depends on what he wants to do. Even if he wants to use them he might not use all of them. He might use some and try to bring others. You know he just finished election and may want to use this opportunity to give positions to some who supported him for a period of time.
“It’s allowed. So many states have not done election, so that of Enugu cannot be different.”

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